Our Thinking

Energy. It’s everything. Us. Our families. The spaces we inhabit and the things that make them home. Our designers pour their souls into the furniture they design. Our energy has a focus – to create furniture that is elegantly simple and timeless. We work hard to get our thinking clean to make it simple. Energy is transferred by people and not machines. Each of our pieces is lovingly and meticulously handcrafted by master craftsmen whose work is their worship.

Tianu Furniture witnesses the most important moments of your life as well as the everyday. We want energy to flow and not get stuck within a space. We want you to make memories while lounging on our sofas, sharing family dinners at on our dining tables. It’s a big responsibility to be creating pieces that end up in homes, it isn’t one we take lightly.

Our Designs

We are known for our classy contemporary furniture that celebrates the natural warmth and beauty of teak wood. Our design house’s DNA is evident in the clean lines we use. We follow zen principles while designing and hand crafting our furniture.

Each Tianu piece fills a space with calming energy. Each and every client, without exception, is a happy customer. That good will and positivity gives us the fuel to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of ‘simple design’.

Vinita Kumar

Founder, Tianu Furniture

Piya Vichare

Senior Designer

Manvi Mehta


Pravanthika Adhavi


Shruti Kadam


Rucha Gargade


Amrutha Prakash


Nandita Raval

Store Manager

Farah Bode

Assistant Store Manager

Kinjal Thakkar


Alvia Fernandes

Admin Head & Executive Assistant

Rhea Mehta

Marketing Manager

Our Team

Vinita Kumar founded Tianu in 2006. She found Design talent from across India for her design house. Tianu is a house where each piece is designed and hand-crafted In-house. Our craftsmen are amongst the best in the country. Our team is excellent at ensuring that you have a mindful experience both online and offline. Our delivery team is customer-focused and goes the extra mile to place the furniture exactly where you want it in your home.

The modern fabric of Tianu is woven together with traditional values of quality and timelessness. We are in the business of helping families create memories and filling homes with positive energy. Nothing gives our team greater joy than a happy and satisfied customer.

Our Space

Mumbai slows down as you approach Tianu. Our IIID national award winning space, designed by Studio PKA, is nestled in Ballard Estate.

The energy in the store is palpably positive – the warehouse design ensures optimum energy flow and the exposed wood and brick envelop us in warmth.

Our Approach

Whether you visit us online or in our store, we promise that your experience will be highly interactive and personalised. We work with you to pick the perfect size, colour and finish for you. We pride ourselves in our committed service to help you find furniture that best suits your home and your family. You can even share your blue-prints with us and we’ll co-create your home with you. We’ll pick furniture and upholstery that’s optimal for you and your space. We also work closely with architects and interior designers – ultimately we are all in the business of creating brilliant spaces. We travel across India to curate original art from budding and established artists

On our travels, we pick up antique collectables, lighting and soft furnishings to help you add a perfect finishing touch to any room in your home. In case you can’t visit us and connect with these pieces in person, get in touch and book a virtual art and collectables tour!

To visit Tianu is to voyage, through design and dreams. We are not a transactional store. Our space is an experience you’ll remember, and if you do happen to pick up a piece of furniture, that essence of calm energy and timelessness will be forever part of your home.